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Top 20 Best Blockchain Companies In 2023

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Here’s the list of top 20 blockchain companies, which you can connect with to get your projects done!

1. Blockchain Firm

Blockchain Firm is one of the leading enterprise blockchain solutions providers as of 2023. The company has been in this field for more than six years. Besides offering solutions, they also provide a plethora of blockchain-powered services and products. Their blockchain experts are well-versed in diverse areas, including developing dApps, decentralized & P2P crypto exchanges, multi-crypto wallets, and crypto payment gateways. They also specialize in Ethereum & Hyperledger platforms, building a healthcare ecosystem, decentralized blockchain games, and a unified portal for real estate businesses.

If you are looking for custom, end-to-end blockchain solutions to integrate into your business, then approaching Blockchain Firm is the right thing to do.

Established: 2017

Location: Dubai, UAE

2. ConsenSys

ConsenSys is an Ethereum-specialized blockchain company. They primarily focus on enhancing the financial infrastructure by aiding developers and enterprises. With the applications of Ethereum and DeFi activities, the company has managed to get a spotlight in global business adoption. Their blockchain-based solutions serve asset management, capital markets, global trading, and other major industries.

If you are looking for Ethereum experts to develop your dApps or for DeFi activities, then approaching ConsenSys is the right thing to do.

Established: 2014

Location: United States Of America

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3. IBM

The American multinational IBM has invested $200 million dollars in blockchain research and development. IBM specializes in Hyperledger platforms and aids companies to incorporate IBM Cloud and hyperledger into their business. They have developed multiple wings such as blockchain partner platforms, blockchain-integrated food supply chain, and blockchain training programs.

If you are looking for developing applications or acquiring blockchain-backed services for your business, then getting in touch with IBM is a good choice.

Established: 2016 (IBM Blockchain)

Location: Armonk, New York

4. Blockchain Intelligence Group

Blockchain Intelligence Group primarily aims at making the world understand the working of the crypto transactions. They provide enterprises and business organizations with various blockchain consultation services. These services include app development and tools creation to mitigate the risks involved in crypto businesses. Their motive is to form laws and regulations to govern crypto adoption in the future. Their popular project is BitRank that helps businesses and individuals with crypto KYC and AML.

If you are into the financial sector or law enforcement and want to build custom tools to streamline your business operations, then get your project done with the Blockchain Intelligence Group.

Established: 2013

Location: Vancouver, Canada

5. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz provides end-to-end blockchain consultation and development services for major industries. They specialize in developing decentralized applications and smart contracts for enterprises and business organizations. They have experts working on various blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, and Tron. They have also developed a blockchain-powered medical supply chain and a blockchain platform for logistics business.

If you are looking to integrate innovative blockchain solutions into your business, then approaching LeewayHertz is the right thing to do.

Established: 2007

Location: San Francisco, CA

6. Blockchangers

Blockchangers is a leading blockchain company that provides dynamic development and implementation strategies for governments, business setups, and NGOs. They specialize in making their clients understand the true potential of blockchain technology, offering lecture & Workshop services and blockchain consultation. The company has successfully built a blockchain-powered real estate platform. In addition, Blockchangers has also helped the Norwegian Government streamline its operations in an effective way.

If you’re interested in developing decentralized apps or building a dApp community, then connect with Blockchangers to get your work done.

Established: 2015

Location: Norway

7. Somish

Somish is one of the few companies involved in overcoming the challenges faced by many industries with the help of blockchain technology. They provide blockchain solutions for crypto-based companies across the globe. The blockchain team from Somish won the 2017 London Blockchain Week Hackathon. They have a proven history of work experience with many governments across the globe and startup & mid-sized companies. The experts from Somish claim that they specialize in Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and Stellar platforms.

If you or your business want to be a part of the next technological revolution by incorporating blockchain technology, then get in touch with Somish

Established: 2006

Location: New Delhi, India

8. Bloq

Bloq is a reliable and trusted company that helps with building a unified blockchain platform to enhance business organizations. They have developed applications, namely bloq Connect and bloq Nodes, each having its own purposes. They specialize in providing blockchain infrastructure for enterprises and developers to develop and run applications quickly, instead of building everything from scratch. Their platform also paves the way for business blockchain protocols to serve their communities without needing to worry about data breaches.

If you want to develop blockchain-backed applications within a short span, then connecting with Bloq is the right thing to do.

Established: 2015

Location: Chicago, Illinois

9. ChromaWay

ChromaWay is a blockchain company well known for its creation of Relational Blockchain. This blockchain is a combination of multiple platforms, meaning, it has the power of not one blockchain, but all the interlinked networks. The company primarily focuses on issuing smart contracts digitizing the processes involved in real estate and finance. They also specialize in tokenomics and they do have experience working with a wide range of businesses across the globe.

If you are a multinational corporation or a company working for the benefit of any government, then getting ChromaWay to do your work is the right choice.

Established: 2014

Location: Sweden

10. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is not only a blockchain-based company, but it is also a software development company, providing solutions from popular technologies, including Internet Of Things, Cognitive Computing, Big Data, and AR & VR. They specialize in developing mobile apps for startups and enterprises, building healthcare and insurance solutions, and business software. Their blockchain team shines bright in building distributed apps and various blockchains.

If you are looking for developing public or private blockchain, or mobile applications, then connect with Intellectsoft to get your work done.

Established: 2007

Location: Palo Alto, CA

11. Altoros

Altoros is one of the best IT service providers in the United States. The company helps startups and businesses to adopt emerging technologies, including blockchain, cloud, and Artificial Intelligence. Their services extend to consultation, DevOps, and custom software development. They specialize in assisting enterprises set up a hassle-free communication system with their customers and increase their customer loyalty.

If you are looking for developing a software from scratch, Altoros helps with evaluation, prototype development, product design, implementation, and execution.

Established: 2001

Location: California, United States

12. Deqode

Deqode is a popular company in the United States, known for its wide range of services. Besides providing blockchain solutions, the company also offers web, mobile, and cloud services for all kinds of business organizations. They specialize in leveraging the distributed ledger technology for projects related to green energy generation, global financial services, and supply chain management. Deqode’s blockchain team specializes in delivering enterprise-grade blockchain solutions and services.

If you are interested in adopting blockchain technology for your business,  then Deqode can help you fulfill your dream.

Established: 2012

Location: United States

13. Primechain

Primechain, a startup known for its wide technological services, is an Indian company. They provide services to a wide range of industries, such as finance, production-line, defence & military, and aviation. Their blockchain team specializes in building expert-class blockchain products for the aforementioned industries. They are popularly known as the 6-minute blockchain company – they claim that their blockchain ecosystem can build itself in six minutes, along with web and mobile applications.

If you want a readymade blockchain ecosystem for your business, then approaching Primechain is the right thing to do.

Established: 2016

Location: Pune, India

14. SoluLab

SoluLab is a U.S company that helps all categories of industries with the technology adoption they require. They provide enterprise blockchain, AI, and IoT solutions. They specialize in delivering the projects within a shorter span. Their solutions are appreciated by enterprises, and small & mid-level organizations. SoluLab has developed a decentralized app CAMA (payment distribution application).

If you are looking for custom blockchain or software solutions to incorporate into your business, then get in touch with SoluLab.

Established: 2014

Location: NYC, United States

15. Accubits

Accubits is a popular blockchain company, primarily known for its services related to blockchain development and maintenance, crypto wallet development, and digital transformation. They provide reliable, trusted, and transparent blockchain solutions for businesses to streamline their operations. They specialize in helping federal agencies and tech startups develop their apps, software, and digital solutions.

If you are looking for a firm to develop custom blockchain solutions for your business, then get in touch with Accubits.

Established: 2012

Location: Virginia, United States

16. SheerChain

SheerChain is a Russian company known for its successful development of the world\’s first blockchain platform for tokenization of business assets on Stellar. They help small and mid-size businesses build their mobile applications and custom software. They specialize in providing end-to-end STO services, such as light paper creation, smart contracts development, website design, marketing, technical & financial audit, MVP, project development, and more.

If your business is in need of Security Token Offering, SheerChain’s blockchain development team can help you prepare for your STO within a week.

Established: 2018

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

17. Espeo

Espea is one of the best blockchain development companies based in Poland. They provide blockchain consultation, development, and implementation services for enterprises, thereby aiding them to enhance their operations. They specialize in dApps and smart contracts development, and tokenomics for finance, healthcare, and real estate industries. Their blockchain team possesses an extensive knowledge on Ethereum and Hyperledger platforms.

If you are looking for developing decentralized applications or web applications for your business organization, then connect with Espeo.

Established: 2008

Location: Poznań, Poland

18. 4ire Labs

$ire Labs is a popular software development company known for developing blockchain, AI, and IoT solutions for organizations across the globe. They specialize in providing innovative solutions for green finance and DeFi activities. Their blockchain team possesses hands-on experience on dApps development, tokenization of assets, and software development for fintech industries. The company is also known for developing reliable web and mobile applications for businesses.

If you are looking for custom software development and AI or blockchain consultation and development, then connect with 4ire Labs for better results.

Established: 2010

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

19. Venture Aviator

Venture Advisor is a custom software development company helping businesses and Fortune 500 companies to meet their blockchain requirements. Their services are not limited to blockchain – they also provide web-related services and app development, and AI solutions. They specialize in blockchain development, including blockchain transitioning; building Solidity, dApps, & Ethereum platforms; crypto development; and ICO consulting.

If you are a startup company or an enterprise interested in developing technology platforms, then partnering with Venture Aviator is the right thing to do.

Established: 2012

Location: New York, United States

20. Sparkbit

Sparkbit is one of the leading software development companies based in Poland. Their blockchain team specializes in developing blockchain platforms, custom applications, and providing AI-related services. The experts in Sparkbit keenly understand the real-time problems and help their clients overcome those problems with proper solutions.

If you want to develop web & mobile applications, and backend systems for your company, then approaching Sparkbit is the right thing to do.

Established: 2014

Location: Poland