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Top 10 killer blockchain applications that would strike real-time use cases of our future generations!

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Back in 2009, the real digital era landed in society with digital currencies and the underlying distributed ledger technology. Yes! Everything about cryptocurrencies started way back in 2009, and the team launched the whitepaper on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Since the inception of the internet, blockchain is considered as a valuable innovation by experts. 

The internet has paved the way for P2P transfers of information, whereas blockchain paves the way for direct transfers of valuable assets through cryptocurrencies. Every significant sector out there in the market is striving to leverage blockchain technology to streamline its process flow with integrity and decentralization. Innovative blockchain applications are being experimented as pilot projects in various countries in the realms of real estate, supply chain, healthcare, e-commerce and much more. 

This blog post depicts you all about the undeniable killer applications of blockchain technology that would be utilized by our future generations in real-time!

Top 10 Blockchain Applications That Would Hit Our Future Generations Hardly!

  1. Blockchain Healthcare Applications
  2. Blockchain Voting Applications
  3. Blockchain Digital Identity & Documentation Applications
  4. Blockchain Supply Chain Management Applications
  5. Blockchain Charities & Non-Governmental Organizations Applications
  6. Blockchain Vehicle Pooling Applications
  7. Blockchain Real Estate Applications
  8. Blockchain Loyalty Programs Applications
  9. Blockchain Insurances Applications
  10. Blockchain Entertainment Applications

Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

Blockchain Applications in Voting

With integrated blockchain digital identity platforms, fraudulent or duplicate votes can be avoided in the electoral process.

The blockchain-based voting lines would enforce the “one-person-one-vote” feature, which is most aspiring for future generations. 

The citizens of a particular government can cast their votes right from their residence in online blockchain voting networks. 

Moreover, the reconciliation of votes casted can be swift and error-free with blockchain in voting applications. 

Blockchain Applications In Digital identity & documentation

Blockchain digital identity platform can enhance the unique identity of people with biometric data.

Right from birth certificate to school, college, passport, ID proofs, visa, and other documents can be stored as a data block, and the owner can authorize the accessibility of data block only to professionals. 

Federations can employ a community of experts to verify and approve the data stored in the data blocks of the digital identity network. 

With integrated biometric data, passcodes, the blockchain digital identity and documentation platform can avoid duplicate documents, fraudulent identity transactions. 

Blockchain Applications In Supply chain management

Blockchain supply chain management applications can efficiently track the traversing of products from raw materials to factory outlets.

The supply chain of products is basically a multi-layer operation in which the product traverses across industries, hence to integrate all the sub-organizations effectively blockchain technology can be employed. 

Digitization of product traversing records can enhance the security of documents in blockchain supply chain systems.

The immense traceability of blockchain supply chain applications can avoid scams and damages in the product traversing. 

Blockchain Applications In Charities & non-governmental organizations

Even though people step forward to donate huge amounts of assets to the needy, they are afraid of scams happening in the charities.

Blockchain-based donation systems can enhance the transparency, traceability of assets which ensures donors about the money spent on the charity purpose. 

Federations can analyse the source of assets and then approve the legitimate donations to the charities with a blockchain network.

Legitimacy in blockchain charity applications promotes the donation of funds, and thereby charity needs can be satisfied to a greater extent.

Blockchain Applications In Vehicle Pooling

An increasing population of humanity has paved the way for multiple business ideologies, and as we’re in need of protecting the environment, vehicle pooling becomes the trending application. 

Blockchain vehicle pooling applications can connect the drivers and travellers directly without any intermediaries, thereby avoiding high charges.

Blockchain vehicle pooling apps can be enhanced with community governance and only the verified drivers, riders can travel through this process. 

Decentralized blockchain applications paves way for real-time tracking of riders and drivers that enhances the user experience in vehicle pooling. 

Effective vehicle pooling apps can promote the sharing of rides, thereby reducing the toxicity and pollution levels of the environment.

Blockchain Applications In Real Estate

Real estate sector possesses the most daunting tasks among all the industries without any integrity or hassle process lines. 

With community governance and consensus mechanism, the real estate industry can employ the professionals to approve and verify reputed, legitimate properties in the network. 

Effective property listing services and legitimate transactions with proper taxation benefits for the federation would be the most aspiring features of blockchain real estate apps. 

A transparent real estate ecosystem with appropriate property transfers and taxations is not far from our hands, as the government of Sweden has already kick-started its blockchain real estate projects!

Blockchain Applications In Loyalty Programs

E-commerce and business platforms affording points, loyalty programs to its consumers can implement blockchain applications for the purpose. 

The gift cards, loyalties, rewards can be effectively managed and delivered to the appropriate consumers with blockchain loyalty applications. 

Devoiding, the intermediaries and third-parties in the transactions and purchase of goods, help consumers receive the gift cards without any scams. 

Scam-free, secure blockchain loyalty applications can increase user base and profit figures to a greater extent.

Blockchain Applications In Insurances

The blockchain-powered insurance sector can be enhanced with integrity among the healthcare, automobile and other properties, thereby processing the claims rapidly.

Bulk claims can be processed rapidly with blockchain smart contract protocols at the time of calamities and pandemic crises. 

Scheduled payments of premiums in blockchain insurance applications can avoid the misconceptions and denial of insurance claims.

With community governance, the verification and approval of claims incurred on automobiles, properties, life covers, healthcare can be processed at reduced costs. 

Blockchain Applications In Entertainment

Blockchain-based entertainment platforms can avoid copyright issues, censorship, ownership rights and much more with efficient community governance. 

Decentralized blockchain entertainment platforms can avoid hacked copies of movies, shows, games and other things. 

Desired version gaming, deployment of desired technical features, enhancing the functionalities of entertainment channels could be much more aspiring to the people interested in the realm.

Final Standpoint!

Blockchain is here to withstand its immense and eminent features! It is considered as the powerful toolkit to integrate, store, manage, verify and approve transactions in the decentralized network. With extensive transparency and community governance, blockchain applications can hit the users hard with ergonomic features!

Let the world of business be enriched with decentralization, transparency, security and traceability with blockchain applications! Spread your business globally with blockchain applications in 2020!