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The Game-Changer is Finally Here — Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO)

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Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO)

Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO) is better than an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This blog is to make you understand how to launch an IDEO and the benefits it provides for crypto investors.

Within a short period, most centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have moved on to the idea of decentralized exchanges. Literally, decentralized crypto exchanges have a dynamic potential to provide the exchanges with an added benefit — use cases.

Each exchange has its rules to facilitate the exchange tokens to participate in an Initial Exchange Offering. Thus, holding more number of tokens gives participants additional benefits while involving. Though it’s usual for the exchanges, it has just become a race to run behind profits & lead the crypto market.

Although multiple exchanges are offering IDEO, Binance seems to lead the race with the aid of various successful token sales.

The only thing that comes in mind is the potential market scenarios (altering) that are made realistic by crypto exchanges regulating how a large group of a token’s distributions is supplied from day one. Since these platforms are centralized, various factors become easy or them. They are: analyze & segregate which participants are allowed to purchase the tokens, alter the token’s price, or change the mode of token sale completely.

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Crypto investors are likely to fall under the idea of the trending concept — Initial Exchange Offering. With altering transitions, many emerging businesses can audit token sales, and the investments are safer on a crypto exchange.

Why choose Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering?

In IEO, the exchange acts as a guarantor and happening place for the crypto project’s token sale.

  • IEO provides developers with an advantage that is the crypto exchange’s existing user base, and it makes people participate in crowdfunding immediately.
  • Crypto investors also enjoy the added benefit: tradeable crypto assets will be listed on the crypto exchange.
  • Crypto exchanges are regulated by dynamic price aggregating websites, which in turn becomes a free marketing strategy for the project’s token sale.
  • Accessing your token sale via a crypto exchange interface eliminates the stress of sending funds to smart contract addresses

Benefits of an IDEO over an IEO

  • Equality & Security to the next level — No risks of manipulations and hack-proof security standards
  • Hassle-Free Usage — No middlemen or any kind of entity are allowed to take control of the ownership
  • Easy Accessible to Everyone — Any user can access and participate in your token sale. There is no need to create an account or submitting the KYC documents.
  • Shared Ownership — Exchange profits are distributed to the shareholders accordingly.

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