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Multi-currency Wallet Development & Its Features That Avail High Security.

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The whole world is in lockdown, of course, except our crazy minds! 

You can wipe off the boredom by experimenting with pilot projects in crypto space. The interesting project at which crypto novices indulge in is multi-cryptocurrency wallet development. You can learn the blockchain framework with open-source platforms available on the web and implement your knowledge to build the wallet with advanced features.

Now, let’s learn how to develop a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and the basic features you must embed in your application!

How to develop a Multi-cryptocurrency wallet? -A simple trick and one tuff base build! 

If you wish to develop a multi-currency wallet, you have two options. The first option is you can refer to the open-source libraries or purchase a white-label multi-cryptocurrency wallet script and develop them into a customized wallet. 

The best and safest way is to approach a professional cryptocurrency development company that can technically back up your plan. You can consult a professional blockchain developer for resources and popular libraries too. However, developing the cryptocurrency wallet right from scratch without any libraries, the white-label script is a good idea! 

If you’re purchasing a white-label software, you need to inspect the security threats and functionality issues before purchasing it! Moreover, on pre-built products, you need to perform regression testing for every add-on you develop. Hence, as a professional blockchain firm, we would advise you to build the bitcoin wallet application from square one!

You can refer to some open-source, trusted libraries to build your crypto wallet application. Let’s have a brief discussion on that realm!

Resources for developing a multi-cryptocurrency wallet

If you’re a novice in crypto and blockchain space, you may be messed up with lumps of resources available online. Our experts suggest you with trusted resources to grab libraries for building crypto wallets of your choice! Here’s the list!

Chain-java- This is the trusted resource to pierce your eyes in! If you’re a Java expert already, then referring this library would bring you hopes and resources to build the bitcoin wallet as per your requirements.

Bitcoin- This is another resource that renders top-notch libraries, plugins, and a bunch of wallets options to grab. 

You can fetch resources and plugins from the libraries mentioned above to connect with the required blockchain network and create transactions. If you’re developing a cryptocurrency wallets application for the community, it has to be built in popular operating systems like iOS and Android that functions similarly without any threats!

Now, that you had enough resources to develop the crypto wallets of your requirement, let’s switch over to the features you must add on to keep your wallet advanced and secured!

Features to embed in your wallet to avail of security and advanced trading options!


Crypto payments are logged on the immutable blockchain network. You need to have an extra layer of security for your cryptocurrency wallet apps other than passphrase, passcodes. You can pick your choice of second step authentication like google authentication, one-time passcode for the registered mobile number, picking up calls, and many more to authorize the wallet. This feature graces you with secured crypto assets in your wallet!

Tap with QR Code 

Merchants have started switching over to digital payments. Every shop has a QR code POS on its billing desk; hence it would be better if you adopt this payment option in your customized crypto wallet. Some of the giant brands accept crypto payments for their merchandise, so the QR Code payment system enables you with a transaction that does not require a public address.

Push Notifications

Crypto wallets are registered with primary mobile numbers that must receive authentication codes. You can utilize the same contact details to send push notifications on crypto transactions. This feature pops up with instant alerts on authentication, transaction, and if you wish with price volatilities too!

Transaction history

Once you develop your crypto wallet, you start storing the crypto coins and perform transactions with the assets. You need a complete transaction history, profit percentile, trends, and other details of your crypto transaction. A detailed description of your transactions with ID, amount, date, and time of the transaction, remaining balance, and much more helps you make decisions on further trades. 

Automated session logout

Our banking apps are now enabled with automatic session log out for extended security. Similar, it’s better to set a viable time limit to loff your session in crypto wallets. There are enormous possibilities of threats and misuses that can happen with the valuable crypto coins. You can set the desired timeline to log off your crypto wallet application. Not more than 5 minutes inactivity!

Wallet Backup

It’s always wiser to have back up plans in technical stuff. You need to have a backup paper or hardware wallet that stores your crypto coins in case of device failure. Mobile wallets are safer, but there are possibilities of damages, hangs, and virus attacks. Hence, hold a crypto wallet back to reside on safer ends! Crypto coins are leftover if your device is locked, you can’t recover them!

Visual Portfolio

Crypto traders are busy with volatile market trends. Hence, it would be ergonomic to have a visual retreat of price trends of popular cryptocurrencies with real-time statistics. This feature can pat you if you’re planning to learn the trading of crypto assets with lucrative deals!

Final Standpoint!

Third-party bitcoin or exchange wallets are no more a safer option to hold cryptocurrencies. You need a customized wallet with advanced features to secure your crypto coins. Build your multi-cryptocurrency wallet with this comprehensive guide, and here we are to shower our cryptocurrency development services with state-of-the-art tech support!