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It’s time to switch to blockchain video streaming platforms!

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Crypto and blockchain market space are booming exponentially that it has hit hard on all the leading industries at a greater pace. The intense features of this distributed ledger technology are adored by all the sectors irrespective of technicalities. Be it a manufacturing industry or a software solution, blockchain technology has gone places and made a notable impact on building streamlined processes. Technologists are ergonomically enhancing the processes of enterprises with blockchain, AI, IoT, and other innovations. 

The leading sector that keeps us entertained and stress-relieved as of now becomes the video streaming platform. Every one of us could enjoy our favorite series, songs, and everything at our fingertips due to these streaming platforms.

Now, let\’s explore the brand-new realm of the blockchain video streaming platform!

Why blockchain is the best solution for video streaming platform?

Albeit the theatres and entertainment malls are closed, we are rendered with flawless, uninterrupted fun with live video streaming applications. Be it Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube they leverage this COVID-19 pandemic crisis to serve their consumers better. The live video streaming has drastically increased in this lockdown period among YouTuber\’s and other content creators. However, it has the pitfall of maintaining and managing the content through centralized servers. Most of the centralized servers are managed by bigheads like Amazon(AWS) or Google(Cloud).

Even though these centralized server management systems are packed with immense security features, the hacking methodologies also have been improvised. Hence, decentralizing the content in a distributed network like blockchain technology can overcome the storage and security pitfalls. 

An insight into the blockchain-powered video streaming platform!

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that holds the network members\’ data transactions with the timestamp in chronological order. It is a peer-to-peer network that has no central authority or intermediaries to govern the network. The network members are authorized to manage the transactions with a consensus mechanism, and they are addressed as \”miner\” nodes. 

With this decentralized video streaming platform, the content creators can directly publish and leverage their innovative works\’ loyalties and rewards. Once the content is verified for its authenticity by the blockchain video streaming platform\’s miner nodes, it can be streamed for consumers. This video streaming platform completely avoids the intermediaries; thereby, the content creators gain notable revenue. 

The consumers can pay only for the most desirable channels and content alone in the blockchain video streaming platform. This way of subscription plans becomes economical for consumers, and the legit content creators gain revenue. Instead of centralized systems, galloping the notable amount of revenue, the content creators gain more revenue without maintenance and other charges. The rewards can be offered in the form of crypto coins or tokens from the native blockchain platform. 

The blockchain platform is highly encrypted and traceable, thereby avoiding copyright disputes in the current centralized systems. With this video streaming platform content, creators can gain more loyalties and complete ownership of the works. 

Let\’s wrap up by having a glimpse around the existing blockchain video streaming projects!

Our future fun is with Blockchain-based video streaming platforms!

Despite the sectors, blockchain technology is being leveraged by all the industrial processes. With transparency, security, traceability, immutability, and decentralization, the blockchain has taken over all the industry\’s technical revolution!

Many pilot projects have evolved in the realm of blockchain video streaming. However, only a few are progressing in its development process with remarkable success!

Here\’s the list of on-going blockchain video streaming projects!

  1. DLive powered by Lino Blockchain
  2. BLive by BitTorrent
  3. Theta Blockchain 

If you\’re fond of establishing the all-new blockchain video streaming platform with enhanced community experience, here we\’re to support you technically!