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Complete ICO Marketing Plan & Strategy for a Dramatic Success!

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The nub of ICO

While the world has evolved from the barter system to digital currencies and now to cryptocurrencies, why raise funds in the old method? ICO has numerous advantages in store for people who look forward to funding their projects in a quick, easy, and secure way. 

How should you launch your ICO, what are the key points to retrospect while working on your project and details about a lot of crucial matters are here. Don’t miss the opportunity to read it. 

ICO plans and Crypto Marketing strategies

ICO is the best way to start your venture if you are caught up anywhere between materializing your dreams and the financial burdens that it carries. There is a widespread thought that ICO is risky, and you could be tricked into the wrong investment.

This does not hold true, or at least when you are vigilant in the investments and take cautious steps. This blog will throw light on a lot of information that could be an eye-opener even if you are a pro at ICO launch, investments, token developing or just anything.

Here is an example that proves ICO to be the best way to raise funds.

The year 2017 was a huge turning point for this new methodology. $5.6 billion was raised from various ICO projects. It was gained from around 430 successful cryptocurrency ventures.

Now, coming to the crypto marketing strategies, there are numerous ways you could launch your ICO. Yet, you should decide on the best one that suits the nature of your coins. To decide on it, approaching a blockchain consulting services company is essential. Which is where we come to your rescue!

ICO Marketing Guidance – The need of the hour!

Marketing your ICO is an integral part of launching it. Before you take a step forward, it is mandatory to test the waters for safety. It is crucial to let your potential buyers know that you are selling a value that would be useful for them.

How do you tell them this?

This is where the ICO marketing campaign comes in. You run campaigns that target specific people from a specific region, telling them about the upcoming event, which is your ICO launch.

But before you start working on marketing your products you should be fully equipped to serve the clients what they ask you. Here is a checklist to make sure you are wholly provisioned. 

Are YOU well equipped?

While dreaming about dreaming all about launching an ICO, this question comes in as a reality check. You need to have a great admin team, skilled developers, in-depth business details and what else? 


This image depicts what should be taken care of, from your side before you jump into the ICO marketing lists. So, make sure you are following this protocol before making the decision.

Now that you have a good idea on how you should prepare yourself, here is another guide to how to protect your ICO project from the hackers. Well, this is not your complete guide or anything. This quick guide will help you stay aware of the possible vulnerabilities and the threats that are lurking behind the systems. 

Security tips to keep scammers at bay

  • If you own a gateway, never forget about the safety of your website, keep it protected by all means.
  • A handful of sophisticated scammers visit your site, ready to pounce once your security Is down just for a moment. 
  • Remember – every minute is crucial. 43 thousand ETH was sent to a malicious account in just 7 minutes. 
  • The best way to keep them at bay is to cross-check your codes with a reliable developer to detect possible flaws.
  • Two-factor authentication for every employee’s email account is mandatory. Follow other security measures too.
  • The passwords must never be stored on any digital platforms like messengers, note pads, desktops, etc.
  • For significant site operations, ensure the passwords are shared only when required otherwise not. 
  • Storing all your cryptos online in one place is dangerous. Offer your users cold storage methods and safety vaults. 
  • Follow phishing protection best practices and remind your users to bookmark your site and visit only via the bookmarks.
  • Buy similar domains. This will make phishing attacks tough than they think.

The ICO Marketing Strategy

Here comes the most awaited part of the entire blog. If you’ve been trying to figure out the right cryptocurrency marketing strategy that suits your project, we got your answers here.

Unlike other concerns that deliver one-size-fits-all solutions, we custom create your solutions based on the nature of your project. Not all projects are the same and neither is the market for them. In such a case, expecting a standard ICO marketing strategy to work out for you is pointless. 

The best ICO marketing company usually splits the whole plan into three divisions. Which are Pre-ICO, Ongoing ICO marketing, and Post-ICO marketing strategy, Each of these is different and requires immense clarity about the market scenarios. 

Besides these, there is something called the ICO marketing bounty. It is to involve influencers, blog writers, and other developers to market the ICO. The developers are awarded cryptos for contributing to coding. The influencers get to take away arads based on how well their blogs or videos bring in leads for the ICO project.

Now, having a bird’s eye view of the entire ICO marketing here is what we offer you! Remember our services are not restricted to these.

ICO Marketing Plan & Strategy

Succeed in your ICO with our ICO Marketing Strategies!

ICO listing services

We List your ICO on top ICO listing website with a wonderful scale of investors. We are partners with the top ICO listing sites that would help you get this done with ease


Immense effort is put into this process to keep your site stable and to prevent it from SERP. Hence Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in ranking your website.

Social media strategies

Researched & planned strategies are implemented to keep social media platforms speaking about your brand. This keeps people reminding about your presence. No compromise on this. 

Website creation

The first point of contact with your project for most investors. It is essential to keep your website easy to navigate paired with aesthetic designs and user-friendly interface

Social media planning

Crafting the right content to social media audiences and delivering them on during prime times will attract a huge number of readers and investors

Email marketing

Considered an old school methodology by many, email marketing is, however, an essential part of everyday marketing to attract new investors. This keeps the users reminded about your existence. 

Now, that we have a complete idea of how things go about in ICO marketing

  • Any dream without a plan is just a wish. Equip yourself with the best teams and the best ICO development and marketing company to begin your journey.
  • Remember to build a safe platform for your company as well as your users. 
  • Conduct bounty campaigns to cross-check your platforms’ coding. 
  • Keep your ICO development company well-informed about your needs and wants. This will help them prioritize every move. 
  • Keep your ICO development company well-informed about your needs and wants. This will help them prioritize every move. 
  • Make sure to draft a fool-proof marketing plan well before you launch your tokens. 
  • Ask if your development company has a tie-up with any of the top exchanges to help you list your tokens easily.