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Blockchain Firm’s Strategic Approach To ICO Development

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What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering (or ICO) is a popular fundraising process through which a company, individual, or business issues tokens and raises money to develop its project. When a company launches an ICO, investors participate in the offering and invest money if they find the project credible. Each investor receives tokens based on the project’s tokenomics.

The tokens will usually have utilities in using the company’s products or services (in the future), and sometimes they represent a stake in the company. Users can buy or sell the tokens in exchange for cryptos once the company lists the tokens on crypto exchange platforms.


In the pre-ICO stage, we discuss the ICO project with our client to craft the following.

  1. Vision: The client’s team shall state what it wants to accomplish upon completing the project. It should be a clear and concise announcement and description of the bigger picture – where it is heading & what the end goals are.
  2. Mission: The “Project Mission” clearly answers three questions – WHAT (the deliverables of the project), WHY (the value for the end-user), and WHO (the target audience). In addition, the mission explains the whole project in detail along with the roadmap.
  3. Objective: Your “Project Objective” shall explain what you plan to achieve by the end of your project, like deliverables, assets, society-based change, etc. We ensure that your project objective is attainable, time-bound, and goal-specific.
  4. Tokenomics: The “Tokenomics” explains how the tokens are split and distributed for various purposes. The common distribution categories are “Investors, Project Team, Public Sale, Treasury, Reward Pool, Bounty, Operations, R&D, Marketing, and Advisors.”
  1. Website: It is one of the essential factors of a project. We make sure that the website shows the end-to-end project details simply and understandably. We will also provide a Token Buy option that redirects users to the Dashboard to buy your tokens.
  2. Whitepaper: The “WhitePaper” is a detailed document available for users to download and view the project details. Our writers team up with research analysts and prepare the WhitePaper without leaving a single element. The things included in a WhitePaper are Introduction, Disclaimer, Central Theme, Executive Summary, Vision & Mission, Problem Statement, How the Project will provide Solutions, Tokenomics, Token Utilities, Fund Allocation, Team, Roadmap, and FAQ.
  3. Token Creation: This is the most crucial part of development. Our developers are well-versed in ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20, and other popular token standards. Based on your requirements, we will choose the base platform and create smart contracts. We can also add/modify functionalities in the smart contracts if required. After the creation part, we proceed to deployment and publishing.


  1. Listing

Want to make your token a tradable asset? We provide you with ICO listing services through which we will list your tokens on popular exchanges. This way, the exchanges’ users will get the opportunity to buy your tokens.

  1. Marketing & Fundraising

We carry out a suite of marketing activities to give a better reach for your project. We provide various digital marketing and global branding services, from Ads to email marketing and social media promotion. We are happy to assist you in raising funds for your project with our excellent marketing strategies.

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Token Standards We Specialize In


If you want to create “Utility Tokens” for your business, we can create the tokens based on ERC-20 token standards.


Our developers specialize in the BEP-20 token standard, one of the efficient and cost-effective ways to develop crypto tokens.


We provide tailor-made TRC-20 token development services for small businesses and enterprises.


This token standard supports stablecoins. If your business is interested in “Stablecoin” development, then ERC-223 is the best choice.


In addition to ICO development, we can also help you with your blockchain/crypto project development. Our teams possess thorough knowledge and expertise in various niches to help you with end-to-end product development.