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Blockchain Firm’s P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

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P2P Exchange business – The one roof that never falls in the fintech sector. 

Be it fiat or digital cryptocurrencies; exchanges are the place where people gang on to buy or sell assets. Even though trading peers can complete the trade within them, they need a secure platform where the users are verified. At the early stages, crypto investors believed in centralized crypto exchange platforms to perform their trade. Later, in 2014, the rise of P2P crypto exchange development paved the way for lower trading charges and preferred trading.  

Now, let’s understand all about exchanges and get through how P2P exchanges are distinct from the traditional ones. Then, I will take you through the core features of the Blockchain Firm’s development process!

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What is P2P Crypto Exchange?

P2P Crypto Exchange is the marketplace at which registered users can post their buy and sell orders without any intermediaries or trading fees. Unlike traditional centralized or decentralized exchanges, P2P exchanges match the contact information of trading peers with their requirements. 

Trading peers can review the order request and then proceed with the process. If there are no matching orders for the buyer or seller, they can create their order request. Additionally, P2P crypto exchanges render escrow services to safeguard the crypto assets. 

If you are one of the leaders among the fintech sector, you can build your own hassle-free business with your P2P crypto exchange platform. To launch a feature-packed exchange platform, you can seek the help of Blockchain Firm!

What do we serve?

Blockchain Firm is the pioneer in providing enterprise blockchain services and solutions. A team of professional blockchain developers, marketers, salesforce, managers build our products and services with technical expertise. 

We render state-of-the-art products to our clients with the best features according to the current market trends. At Blockchain Firm, we develop private blockchain, crypto wallets, exchanges, smart contracts, mobile apps, DApps, supply chain management software, and much more. 

Now, here’re our core features that we offer our clients in the P2P crypto exchange development process!

Blockchain Firm’s Core Features on P2P Exchange Platform

With our technical expertise in blockchain space, to avoid discrepancies and increase security features, we offer top-notch services to our clients. Here’re the core features that we cater to our clients on P2P exchange platform development services. Let me explain in detail about our core aspects!

Supports multi-cryptocurrency

Our P2P crypto exchange platform has no restrictions for trading, and we support all major types of crypto trading. You can enhance the higher liquidity of crypto assets within your exchange wallet. 

Cross Trading

If requested by the client, our blockchain developers do provide fiat and crypto trading in the same P2P exchange platform. Beginners of crypto investments can buy their desired cryptocurrencies in your exchange market with this feature.

Real-time market trends

The crypto, as well as the fiat market, is volatile, and the values change every second. Hence, we offer visual treats to our exchange users with real-time market value with appropriate plug-ins.

Instant KYC/AML processing

P2P Crypto exchanges require automated KYC verification processes to ensure legitimate users on their channel. Hence, we include automated KYC/AML processing to avoid fraudulent trading peers across the network. 

Atomic Swap

Exchanges deal with the transfer of fiat and crypto assets between peers. When the transaction takes longer processing time than usual, then it gets reverted to the buyer. With no processing time, the trading of cryptocurrencies across the globe happens in P2P exchanges. 

Escrow Service

The seller of crypto-asset can opt for escrow service with the P2P bitcoin exchange platform. If the buyer completes the payment and the seller approves the transaction, the crypto coin is released from the escrow wallet.

Dispute resolution

Our P2P exchange contains the AI bot to provide 24/7 support for the disputes that occur between the crypto trading peers. To ensure the best services, you can step ahead and customize the bot that supports dispute resolution. 

Over to you!

With these technical details, let me conclude the core features of the Blockchain Firm’s P2P exchange development process. To know more about our P2P exchange development, let’s discuss it with the success cafe!