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A scout around on the renaissance of the gaming industry with blockchain

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Blockchain in gaming

Be it face to face, online or virtual game; our interests never fade down! The PUBG-The world loves it for resource sharing, voice chats, coins, season passes, the desired team of players, and other advanced features. This is how online gaming is revolutionizing, and the next milestone isblockchain in the gaming sector!

It\’s always a never-ending race for technologies to pierce through every sector with ingenious features. Industry leaders strive to renew their user-experience with better technologies every day. Be it a consumer product or an application, the users win the game. Companies offer what users want on their plates!

Online gaming developers revolutionize a lot, and blockchain implementation is the upcoming milestone. Blockchain in gaming industry is the inevitable revolution to be made, and it has already printed its footsteps!

In this blog post, let\’s scout around the characteristics of the gaming industry and the renaissance with blockchain implementation!

Characteristics of the present gaming industry

The gaming sector has its dynamics and characteristics among the players, stakeholders, developers, and the entire community involved. The active community of the gaming industry pushes the boundaries of evolution and takes users\’ gaming experience to fantasy levels. 

Let\’s have a look at the characteristics of the present gaming industry and the expectations of players!

Gaming community wheel strives for secure gaming channels that enable developers, players to launch their innovations without any copyright or licensing issues. Moreover, they expect to trade in-game assets within gaming platforms; hence they immensely require safe platforms. 

As of now, the players create separate profiles for games. Instead, interoperable gaming profiles may enhance the user experience. 

Gamers are now showering their interest in spending money on virtual games. When this is the scenario, it\’s worth disrupting the gaming channels with next-gen technologies. 

Offline games require the perseverance of in-game assets from the centralized gaming servers. The centralized servers are prone to security breaches and vulnerabilities. Hence, decentralized data storage and resource sharing can disrupt gaming platforms with flying colors. 

Gamers earn assets from the applications and are stored on the gaming companies\’ centralized servers. We don\’t have any leverage to take ownership of assets. Decentralized gaming platforms can pave the way for legalized assets and resource trading.

We all have missed some of the favorite childhood games and some of the versions. Instead, disrupting the gaming applications in a distributed ledger platform makes our apps immutable, which makes them remain there in the network forever. 

Are you a developer fond of equipping your favorite games with much more exciting features? Then, the decentralized, community governance in gaming platforms can shower you with multiple opportunities. You can launch your version of gaming apps and claim rewards. 

Gamers can build resources for applications and trade them within the communities. Trading with fun games can enhance your gaming experience.

Authorization and approval of verified transactions in the gaming network can avoid fraudulent transactions and scams in the sector. 

The gaming industry can be globalized and could afford extensive payment options for purchase, trading of in-game assets. The payment options may include credit, debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Paytm, and much more. 

Let\’s straight away delve into the renaissance brought into the gaming industry with blockchain enforcement!

Renaissance of gaming sector with blockchain technology
Safe & secure gaming platforms

When it comes to security aspects, blockchain is the disrupting technology that every entrepreneur tries to leverage in their business platform. Blockchain ledger has immense aspects like decentralized data encryption, consensus community governance with proof-of-work(PoW), and other algorithms to secure the transactions and records. The distributed data of blockchain gaming can close the room of hackers and shatter the walls of security breaches. 

Gamers, developers can launch their applications without any licensing issues in blockchain-based gaming platforms with the help of smart contract agreements. The gaming community can perform transactions with globalized currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, ERC20 token, or build native cryptocurrency for their brand. Crypto transactions enable much safer transactions than traditional payment methods. 

Integrated gaming profiles

Every gaming platform requires the user profile to enjoy gaming features. With a bunch of games, users find it hard to maintain multiple gaming profiles. Blockchain gaming applications can introduce an integrated, single gaming profile that can be operated across the gaming portals. The unified gaming profile can enhance the user experience with the interoperability of applications.

Secure investments in games

Crazy gamers are fond of spending money to purchase intangible assets on the platforms. With blockchain technology, the transactions in the gaming platforms can be secured with cryptographic codes. They can be crazy about collectibles and could pay for digital resources with crypto coins or other modes of payment. When the gaming industry enhances security measures, the gamers could dive in for higher investments, which makes it worth investing in blockchain implementation. 

Decentralized storage

Blockchain gaming platforms will enable decentralized data and resource storage. This enhances the security of resources and in-game assets. As centralized servers do not maintain the resources, the resources in the gaming channel become hack-proof. Gamers, developers can earn cryptocurrencies or native tokens, and store them in wallets.

Resource trading & rewards

Gamers, developers can build their feature-packed resources, gaming applications, upgraded versions, and earn rewards for the mining process in blockchain gaming platforms. Gamers can collaborate with technical experts to enrich the user experience of applications and earn the tokens. The gaming community can also trade their in-game assets in exchange for fiat or cryptocurrencies. 

With smart contract protocols, the gaming community can possess ownership of assets with legitimate processes. No one can claim fraudulent ownership or false licenses against the resources built by developers in the blockchain gaming community.

Control over favorite gaming applications

Blockchain gaming platforms are immutable. Hence, the gaming applications and versions deployed on the network remains stable forever. Players can download, install their favorite games and versions from the network, and enjoy the experience. 

Blockchain-based games are DApps which are deployed on decentralized servers. The advantage of DApps is that front-end language can be any of the popular languages like HTML, JAVA, CSS, and much more, with back-end as blockchain framework. As gaming DApps, the application must utilize crypto tokens encrypted with cryptographic codes. The gaming platforms must be open-source and should be governed by a consensus mechanism within the community. 

Community governance

The gaming industry can be enriched with consensus community governance ecosystems with blockchain enforcement. The nodes which verify and authorize the transactions, trading of resources in the gaming platform, may be rewarded with the mining process. This rewarding and loyalty feature can disrupt the gaming industry to a greater extent. 

Globalized payments

Blockchain gaming applications can be enriched with native crypto tokens or other popular tokens like ERC20 for transactions. Gamers can purchase the tokens with extensive payment options like credit or debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Paytm, and much more. As the transactions are reconciled in real-time, the fraudulent transactions can be prevented easily in the blockchain gaming platforms. 

Final game!

With disruptive blockchain technology in gamingsector, you can earn huge profits in a secure channel. To leverage the benefits of blockchain gaming applications, you must launch a killer one in this community. Let\’s join hands together to disrupt the next-gen gaming experience!