Cryptocurrency exchange development

Does your plan include this? Build your Binance like Exchange Platform with this Checklist!

How to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform

The impact of blockchain technology is so much that it has started becoming a whole new realm apart from what really exists in the physical world. This, the blockchain technology that we are talking about, has become a separate realm. The possibilities it has opened not just for the tech world but for every other industry is really enormous.

What will this blog throw light on? What can you expect to take away after spending a couple of minutes on this blog?

Here is the hint – about minting money about minting a lot of money. However, there is more to it.

Here is what you should know first

  • Blockchain is a distributed ledger that does not come under any ‘single’ authority’s control. This means it is not liable to any government around the world.
  • Also, the word distributed refers to that it runs on multiple networks. Hence single point failure is impossible.
  • It is also immutable, and every transaction has to be verified ‘okay’ by multiple nodes that run the blockchain for the transaction to be considered legit.

Why should you know these?

The world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance is built on the blockchain platform. Hence we must know what blockchain is and how it functions.

Now, into what Binance is and why a lot of people want to build an exchange platform like Binance.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platform

Binance is considered the world’s biggest trading platform since 2018, in terms of its trading volume. How did it shoot to fame like that? Did it happen overnight? No. It did not shoot to fame overnight at all. It took them a lot of effort and research.

Here is the history of Binance

The $2billion worth exchange platform is only two years old. Tough to believe. Unlike other exchange platforms that are struggling to make their way up the ladder, Binance attracted its audience with impressive features.

What else did it do to attract that huge of an audience?

  • Their ideas were clear-cut and perfect. Importantly, they were designed by skilled experts who were veterans in developing an exchange platform.
  • Their next idea was to target ICO listings. Besides the listings, they also concentrated on increasing their exchange volume.
  • Only 0.10% is charged per exchange, and in a matter of 6 months, they gained 3 million users globally and a large 100 different virtual coins for trade.
  • Ever since the value of Binance has been rising steadily.
  • One thing that makes Binance stand out of the crowd is that it provides ‘GIFTO’ a for virtual gifting and BINANCE LAUNCHPAD token sale program.

What should you keep in mind to build the crypto exchange software?

A lot of small components combine to form a substantial multi-million worth exchange platform. Here are some essential matters that you should consider while building a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance.


Design – the key element that attracts most people. It is essential to keep the design both harmonious and legible for the users. We make it a point to follow only what is best with our client’s needs in our minds.

  • Wireframes – this is where the key features of the design lie. This lays a strong foundation for future changes in the design.
  • Prototype – a visual preview of how a user would interact with the software. This will help us avoid any lag in the future.


Your whole cryptocurrency exchange platform development is going to take place on this. Also, we deploy hand-picked professionals who are great at working on the blockchain technology.

We do a minimum of 7 quality checks at different stages at different times, just to make sure we are giving the users nothing but the best.

With Blockchain Firm at the given task, all you have to do is only sit back and relax as we put the best minds at work for you.

Why not us?

If you are planning on developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform, walk-in for a consultation, and we got hot-selling ideas that are sure to be a success.

We are open to new ideas, experiments and believe in going beyond what we could to keep you abreast of your competitors.

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