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Here Is All You Need To Know Before Investing In White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software

If you’re a professional crypto trader, then you must be aware of the calculations on transaction charges incurred by the crypto exchange platforms. Leading crypto exchanges earn huge profits every year through these transaction charges, escrow services, coin swapping, and other services. Traders longing to launch the business in crypto space explore the possibilities of upgrading the white-label exchange software.

When it comes to white-label crypto exchange software, you must purchase them only after auditing the functionalities, features, and security threats. White-label solutions have some in-built trading functionalities that can not be altered or customized. Hence, you must be careful enough before investing in white-label applications.

Now, let’s have a gist on white-label crypto exchange applications, its advantages, mandatory technical and security aspects, the process of launching the platform, and much more!

A gist on white-label crypto exchange software!

Crypto market space is highly volatile, and the first comes reaps great success. Developing the crypto exchange platform from scratch takes ample time and cost, with extensive planning and efforts. Once the trading platform is launched and outreached to the community audience, it can attain huge profits.

White-label crypto applications are off-the-rack crypto exchange software that can be customized with brand settings. The software is integrated with in-built functionalities, features, security aspects, and bug fixes to support the exchange application. The entrepreneur can personalize the name, brand, logo, UI/UX of the exchange application with white-label exchange software and launch the platform within a few steps. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of the white-label crypto exchange platform!

Benefits of white-label crypto exchange software

Brand customization as per the needs.
Devoid of technical expertise and reduces development cost, time.
The white-label software is highly reliable and available round the clock as the application is tested end-to-end before launch.
Enables instant launch of the application in the market space.

At Blockchain Firm, we afford our clients with the best crypto exchange software that can be customized as per the requirements. Our team holds dedicated professionals to build and deliver readymade exchange solutions with complete end-to-end testing. Our white-label exchange applications are robust, intuitive, scalable, ergonomic, and feature-packed with solid security wallets. Here are the bullet shots of the technical and security aspects we deliver with our white-label crypto exchange application!

Technical features of our white-label Crypto exchange software

Supports multi-cryptocurrency transactions
Supports multilingual browsers
Integrated multi-signature support on wallets
Instant KYC/AML verification process
Integrated API and SDK
Powerful trading and matching engine
Ergonomic admin panel
Elegant User-interface
Integrated with liquidity API
Supports multiple devices
OS compatibility

Security features of our white-label Crypto exchange software

Escrow service
Multi-factor authentication
DDoS protection
CSRF and SSRF protection
HTTPS authentication

How we launch our white-label Crypto exchange software?

Requisite Gathering
Install the in-built functionalities and features
Customization and patching up the requisite features
Customized API integration and functionalities
Auditing the application for security bugs, functionalities
Server installation
Launching the application
Technical support

We integrate major cryptocurrencies in our ready-go white-label solutions as the in-built functionality. Let’s take a look at the list of cryptocurrencies supported in our white-label exchange application.

List of cryptocurrencies supported in our white-label exchange software

Here Is All You Need To Know Before Investing In White Label Crypto Exchange Software 1

Final Thoughts!

If you are looking for a budget-friendly next-gen business to yield lucrative deals in the crypto space, then purchasing the white-label crypto exchange software would be an appropriate choice to achieve your dreams. Technologists can install, configure, and customize the white-label exchange applications with ease than entrepreneurs. The crypto market space loves white-label solutions for the instantaneous profits and set up for business at reduced cost and development time.

Our team is here to uplift your exchange business dreams with white-label and customized crypto exchange applications!

Let’s connect together & get started to achieve massive success!

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